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2. Academic Research


Primarily the investigation of claims of ‘paranormal cognition’, a term that suggests some kind of information-processing model of paranormal phenomena; that individuals are somehow perceiving, processing and responding to information that is acquired without the mediation of their known senses. Specific research encompasses psi (telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition), but also includes: mediumship; psychic criminology; and Christian parapsychology (i.e. exorcism, possession and stigmata). In terms of testing special psi claimants, research has focussed on preparing a standardised methodology that remains robust to criticism, and eliminates all natural explanations. The natural explanations have also provided impetus for the creation and testing of various linguistic models of paranormal advice that may help explain why such advice can appear more accurate than it actually is.

Investigative Psychology

Secondary inquiry into areas of Investigative Psychology (a behavioural science approach to criminal investigations which looks at cognitive processes and social psychological theory). Specifically fraud, cyber-crime, investigative interviewing, negotiation and psycho-geography of crime.

Social Psychology of Music

Research interest stems from preliminary exploration of psychology and music crossover during undergraduate degree (i.e. Double Major: Music and Psychology). This encapsulated music therapy, performance anxiety, and social influence and response. Recent correspondence with leading music psychologists and acousticians has resulted in a framework for pilot studies looking at environmental factors in music appreciation, proposals for collaborative work, with additional advisement on an ongoing infrasound project. Investigation into emotional response of infrasound currently being conducted with a multidisciplinary team - sound engineer, physicist from NPL (National Physics Laboratory), and a professional musician.

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