Ghost investigations




6. Equipment

There is a variety of equipment that an investigator can use on a ghost investigation. It is largely dependant on the protocol or approach to the investigation and, perhaps, belief system of the lead investigator(s). My preferred ‘arsenal’ of gadgets includes those instruments that accurately and reliably measure environmental factors. This confirms an environmental explanation for the occurrence (e.g. EMF) or objectively supports an experience (e.g. drop in temperature) or allows you to discount natural explanations, leaving you with a paranormal one.

Click on the different equipment categories on the left menu to see a few key essential items in my kit with links to a recommended site (Tom's Gadgets) where you can purchase equipment for ghost investigations that varies depending on your method or belief system. I encourage you, once you have purchased an item, to read the manual and try it out, extensively, in your own home so you get used to it in a non-haunted environment.

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